Badge Access Request

Badge Access Request Form
This form is used to request badge access to the computer labs using an existing physical or Mobile Access badge issued through AggieAccess.
What is your First and Last Name?
What is your UC Davis affiliation?
Which lab(s) do you need access to?
Do you have the Mobile Access HID app with an AggieAccess Mobile Credential?
Does you have an existing physical AggieAccess ID card?
     A physical AggieAccess ID card will have "AggieAccess" printed on the front/back.

Unfortunately, to obtain access to the IC Lab, a physical or Mobile Access badge through AggieAccess is required.

To obtain a physical or Mobile Access badge through AggieAccess, please complete the Request AggieAccess Credentials form on the AggieAccess website and the AggieAccess team will assist you.

Once you have a physical or Mobile Access badge from AggieAccess, please return to this form and submit it with the badge details.

For more details about AggieAccess, please visit

We will email you once the access has been granted