Important Changes to Adobe Creative Cloud Licensing

Starting Summer Session 1, to allow all users of the physical computer labs access to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, the software will be switched to Shared Device Licensing.  Following this change, due to limitations of Adobe Licensing, Adobe Creative Cloud will no longer be available in the General Purpose Virtual Lab.

If you have questions, please contact us via Thank you.

Advisory Committee

A group of various faculty members serve as the CA&ES Computer Labs Advisory Committee.

  • David Campbell, Associate Dean for Social and Human Sciences, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Dean's office. 
    Research interests: How public policy and community development processes interact at the local level, focusing on governance, civic engagement, and citizenship; Community food systems; Collaboration in local youth, social service and workforce development networks; Evaluation of collaborative community initiatives; Faith-based community organizing and initiatives.
  • Adam Getchell, Director of Information Technology, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Dean's office. 
    Interests: “Quantizing spacetime on your laptop.”
  • Steven Greco, Assistant professor, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design, Department of Human Ecology. 
    Research interests: Dynamic modeling of changes in the Sacramento River system.
  • Luis Eduardo Guarnizo, Chair and professor, Department of Human Ecology. 
    Interests: Economic Sociology, transnational migration, immigrant entrepreneurs, comparative international development, citizenship.
  • Penny Herbert, Executive Assistant Dean for Administration, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Dean's office. 
    Interests: "Helping the money serve the mission."
  • Robert Hijmans, Associate professor, Department of Environmental Science and Policy. 
    Research interests: Spatial Analysis, Ecological modeling, geo-informatics, agricultural geography, biodiversity conservation, climate change.
  • Yufang Jin, Assistant Professor of Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Change & Assistant Environmental Scientist, Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources. 
    Research interests: Remote sensing of terrestrial ecosystems, crop monitoring and precision agriculture, fire disturbances, ecohydrology, climate-vegetation-humans interactions, biogeochemical cycles, fire and vegetation management, Geographic Information System.
  • Rob Kerner, Unit manager, Network/Systems administration, Department of Plant Sciences. 
  • Brett Milligan, Assistant professor, Department of Human Ecology. 
    Research interests: Landscape architecture, urbanism, environmental restoration, regional environmental planning, regenerative infrastructure, industrial ecology, dredge landscapes, landscape modeling and mapping, citizen science, theory of landscape change.
  • Shrinivasa Upadhyaya, Professor, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. 
    Interests: Precision agriculture or SSCM, Sensor development, Instrumentation, Machinery design, Variability and mapping, GIS, Mathematical Modeling of biological and physical processes, Soil dynamics, Tillage, Traction, Soil compaction, and Infiltration and irrigation management
  • Susan Ustin, Professor of Environmental and Resource Sciences, Department of Land, Air and Water Resources. 
    Interests: Remote sensing of environmental properties and landscape analysis utilizing optical, microwave, and thermal scanners; radiation interactions in plant canopies and application to hydrological and ecological problems.
  • Stavros George Vougioukas, Associate professor, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. 
    Interests: Professor Vougioukas works in the area of mechanization and automation of specialty crops, focusing on the design, development, and testing of actuators, sensors and control systems for optimal management of inputs and products.