Request Forms

Software Request Form

This form is available to request software that is either not installed, an outdated version is installed, or an additional version is needed.

Because each piece of software is unique in how it is installed, the prerequisite software requirements, license requirements, and much more, please submit all software requests 30 days prior to needing it.

Click here To see a list of the software currently installed


Badge Access Request Form

This form is available for students and TA's to use to request a proximity enabled Student ID card to access to the computer labs.

Prior to the start of each term, a list of students fully enrolled in each CRN will be reviewed and any students that do not already have a proximity enabled card will have one requested for them for the start of the term.


Reservation Request Form

This form is available for instructors, and those assisting instructors, to use to submit a reservation request for one of the computer labs.

Because reservations are subject to availability, reserving well in advance is recommended.

To see the available dates and times, please see the calendars listed under "Lab Availability" on the right.


Computer Access Request

This page outlines the account requirements for logging onto the computers located in the labs.

For those that do not have an active UC Davis Computing Account, including campus visitors, this page also outlines the steps required for getting an account through the Temporary Affiliate Form (TAF) process and creating the required UC Davis Computing Account.